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Due to the measures implemented by the Italian authorities, aimed at containing the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, all schools have postponed their opening week by week. This uncertain scenario makes difficult for us to assure a good teaching plan, the basic and fundamental element of a good quality training. 

According to this and willing to guarantee to all the students our renowned education quality standards, I decided, together with the Directorate and the Faculty council to suspend all teaching activities and keep classrooms and labs closed until April 15th.

This decision wants to adopt the most appropriate measures in order to protect the health of our student's, teachers and of all Istituto Secoli’s staff and it’s taken in full compliance with the Italian government’s directives.

Finally, this measure allows us to meet also the needs of many students residing close to those areas now subject to limits, to those coming from central/south Italy or from Non-European countries, who in these days cannot reach the school.

During next week, the Teaching Directorate will prepare a new academic calendar, that respects the number of training hours established on the course regulations and will communicate it to you in detail. We will also start, when possible, e-learning activities that allow you to use this unexpected break with training sessions that will integrate and enrich your study plan.

In conclusion, postponing the return to normal activities to April 15th, guarantees you and everyone, studying and working conditions based on reliable information.

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