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The Secoli method

Using the Secoli Method to transform a designer's idea into a perfectly designed and executed product is a form of art. Learning how to design a garment and a collection, as well as learning about the processes and techniques of the modern fashion industry, are skills you can learn at Istituto Secoli, where diverse expertise continually enriches specific competences.

Most importantly, true creativity must always measure itself up to the concrete realities of technology and the market, otherwise the idea just remains on paper.

Our training programme is based on a concept that is born from a very simple fact: the conditions and available means in Italy make it possible for prêt-à-porter to be designed and conceptualised. Our school sets the benchmark in Italy and around the world in this regard.
For this reason, even to graduate students from other countries, we propose learning the entire fashion design process at our Institute: from fashion sketches, patterns, sample garments and prototypes to pattern grading and sizing.

Our motto is "Creativity in the clothing industry is expressed by means of the garment."

The culmination of a creative idea is materialising its tangible form, so that even the most brilliant of sketches don't just remain eternal dreams.

the Head of the Institute

Matteo Secoli

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