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Work for the fashion industry

In a fashion design studio, where feelings and ideas are transformed into the precise shapes and volumes of a new garment and a collection. Your first step to becoming a Fashion Designer.
In a product development office, which coordinates the entire collection, ensuring perfect timing and quality control along the whole manufacturing chain.
This is where the career of the Product Manager begins.
In a patternmaking department where the designer’s ideas are interpreted and transformed into “patterns”, ready to be cut from fabric. This is how you can become a Patternmaker.

In a tailor or dressmaker shop where bespoke garments are created, or in a sample room, where all prototypes, runway samples and variant samples of the entire collection are realised. This is the path towards a Sample Maker/Tailor/Dressmaker.
In a production department, which takes care of all the production chain, thus guaranteeing perfect timing and quality. This job is for a Timing and Method Analyst.

To join the fashion world, join Istituto Secoli.
Today 80% of Istituto Secoli’s students find qualified jobs in the fashion industry within six months of graduating.
Since its founding – in 1934 –Istituto Secoli has trained over 80.000 students, many of whom have gone on to be some of the best professionals in the fashion industry.
30% of Secoli’s students are fashion professionals sent to us by the companies they work for.
45% of the students come from over 30 different countries – some from as far away as Korea and Japan.

These figures clearly show the Institute’s credibility and forte within its sector. Another example of the excellence of “Made in Italy”.

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