La scuola del Saper Fare Moda

Management Consulting

To answer the demands of management departments, Istituto Secoli has planned the "Cell Design" - a system designed to lead the transit from a "work team" to a "team work", achieving a group vision.
The aim of Cell Design is to achieve transparency in the processes. It helps establishing an intellegible factory, a place where every action is intuitive, and every anomaly and waste can be spotted at a glance. It's a system that focuses on understanding the relationship between management, people and results; identifying the areas that create value (and those that produce waste). These are the steps that makes it possible to achieve an better control of the processes, optimze the performance and improve the company's adaptability and resilience to continuous market changes.

Management analysis

Every consultency and collaboration provided by Istituto Secoli is built upon a key element: the assessment and the identification of the specific issues within a company. The analysts' team set the methods, time and costs of each consulting service through a thorough examination. The process includes the analysis of the managerial environment, the level of shared knowledge, the collaboration, the specific issues, the industrialization level and the applied techniques. Through an assessment of the structure, of the equipment and target market interviews, the analysts develop ad hoc consulting strategy that meets the medium-short term expectations and needs of the fashion company.

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