Fee facilitations for academic courses

In the academic year 2019/2020 Istituto Secoli provides to students resident in Italy contribution income brackets based on personal or family’s income and property asset, aimed at supporting their enrolment and education.

There are facilitated contribution levels based on the student’s family income and property asset. To request for the assignment of one of the contribution income bracket established the applicant must submit the ISEE declaration within the defined deadlines

While enrolling on one of the academic courses (the deadline being 15th July 2019), students can submit a request for the contribution level attribution based on income brackets along with the ISEE declaration issued by INPS.

For applications delivered after 15th July 2019, the ISEE declaration must be received within one week (7 days) upon confirmation of admission by the admission office. Students self declaring their belonging to the last income brackets are exempted from submitting any documentation required for the contribution level attribution.

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