Per merito

A new financial partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo

The students of Istituto Secoli can rely on the economic support designed by Intesa Sanpaolo to ease their academic path.

"per Merito" is a "loan on parole" that any student based in Italy can obtain, with just one condition: being in compliance with the chosen course. It does not require any guarantee, and it enables students to pay their tuition fees, purchase teaching materials, accommodation expenses and everything needed to face their training path with serenity and confidence.

After the first year (12 months) of the loan, a 24-month "bridge period" can be activated: the borrower will have up to 3 years during which no repayment of the sum used is required! Subsequent repayment can be made in one instalment or applying for a personal loan with a maximum duration of 30 years.
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Discover the new financial partnership with
Intesa Sanpaolo

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