“[...] Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”

Bernard Baruch
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Our consulting services

We part of the clothing world, we know how difficult it is to preserve the technical knowledge in the company! Many companies contact us in search of substitutes for their experienced employees who retire or who decide to leave the company. We have developed a system that not only preserves “those" precious knowledge within companies, but also makes possible their sharing, increasing and updating.

Knowledge transfer techniques and narration are the cornerstones of this system, which, among other things, increases cooperation, the potential expressed by staff, and ultimately makes the company free to face market challenges.

More and more, clothing companies are turning to us when they are in a crisis: we are used to relationships and working for companies wishing to make a breakthrough in their business. In this historic period we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, the ultimate consumer has gained tremendous power over the organizational and productive processes of fashion companies. If you want to adapt your business to new market demands, just send us a contact request and we will gladly provide you with our experience in terms of renewal and performance.

Contact our experts for an organizational analysis that can define short-, medium- and long-term operational goals by defining key performance indicators such as Speed, Polyvalence, and Modularity of production.

We were born for this. We design and provide training for companies and within companies since 1934. No one better than us is able to know your operating needs. No one better than us can build a tailor-made training program for your collaborators. We are able to operate on all business process areas, namely: styling, product designing, patternmaking, corretion of defects, prototyping, industrialization, production, quality control.

Each year we train young people with a high level of preparation in Fashion Design, Product Development, Patternmaking, Sewing and Tailoring Techniques, Time and Methods Analysis. Of course, they don’t have the experience, that gets "on the field", but they all have the knowledge to be able to quickly respond to your business needs.

Organization consultancy

The distinctive element of the Organizational Consulting that Istituto Secoli offers is not to be found in the methodology applied to the analysis (based on A.B.M, also used by other consulting firms) but in the “know-how” and expertise of the clothing industry, exclusively acquired and applied in this sector. It is this that permits the institute to assist companies at “360 degrees”, covering design, product, patternmaking, prototyping, master patterns, cutting, sewing, ironing, and finishing.

Dott. Danilo Migliorni Video-Interview - Business Organization Consultant - Istituto Secoli

Today the demand for novelty and organizational change in the clothing industry has found it’s answer in a new organizational approach, one that the consultancy staff at Istituto Secoli have developed and implemented in various different companies: "Cell Design".

"Cell Design" is a philosophy of business organization in which the main idea is the transparency of the process: the creation of a Visual Factory, a factory that is easy to understand, which is works intuitively and where each event and any wastage can be identified at a glance. Understanding the relationships between the organization, people and results, identifying areas that create value (and those which produce waste), all this allows better control processes and improves business performance.

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