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Highly specialized course that, starting from the study of pattern, raw materials and fabrics, focuses on the techniques and methods of cutting, ironing, industrial sewing, tailoring, moulage and defect correction of the garment; then it approaches the study of the product industrialization criteria and methodologies and the quality control. The goal is to train the figure of the "prototypist", one of the most sought after professional figures by fashion Italian companies. The course is developed, promoted and provided in partnership with Alexander McQueen, Canali, Gucci, Herno, In.Co., Loro Piana, Versace and Zamasport, companies which, in addition to having cooperated in the design of the teaching plan and the funding of scholarships, actively participate in training by making it even more specific and targeted.

Course Programme

For more information on educational objectives, enrollment requirements, fees and course program, register and download the rules.


Request more information about the course: FASHION PROTOTYPING

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