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Registration and orientation

Istituto Secoli has always paid great attention to providing information and giving guidance to all prospective students who are interested in discovering the world of fashion and finding out more about our training programme, as well as job opportunities in fashion.

For this readon we organise a whole host of activities and services:

1 - Initial interviews

Our academic advisors are always on hand and more than happy to meet prospective students to provide them with all the necessary information about Istituto Secoli’s training programme, helping them to choose the right path of study based on their abilities, knowledge, skills and professional goals.

Interviews can take place either via Skype or at the Institute. Appointments can be made in the following ways:

We are available for meetings at the following times:
Monday to Friday – from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
Saturdays: from 9 am to 1 pm.

As well as getting to know and guiding prospective students towards making the right decision for their professional career, our advisors regard the initial interview as one of the most important requirements in order to be accepted onto our courses. Interviews are a great opportunity to understand candidates' true motivation in being part of Istituto Secoli, whilst also understanding their interest in attending a particular training course. As for international students, we also check their level of knowledge in Italian or English, depending on which course they are interested in. If you arrange your appointement at the Institute you will also be able to visit our classrooms and laboratories to see for yourself where and how we work.

2 - Open Day

Every year Istituto Secoli organises several Open Days on which prospective students, parents and professionals have the chance to visit our Institute, spending a few hours living the life of a 'Secoli Student', and during which they can participate in presentations and workshops organised by management, teachers and fashion experts. Every open day at Istituto Secoli will give you the chance to discover the following: Istituto Secoli's highly detailed, technical and practical training method; all the facilities and services provided to students (accommodation, placements, agreements, etc.); information about courses; an initial interview with an academic advisor who will provide you with advice regarding the right path of study for your professional career.

Participation is free of charge but places are limited. If you are interetested in attending, you must fill out the form on the following page: OPEN DAY.

3 - Career Fairs

Istituto Secoli regularly attends the most important career fairs, both in Italy and abroad, during which you can visit our stand and speak with our team of advisors to find out more about our school and to receive answers about our courses, services and facilities, etc. Click on the following link to find out about where and when you can find us next: CAREER FAIRS.

4 - Training and curriculum-related activities in secondary schools

Every year, Management at Istituto Secoli and academic advisors visit secondary schools to give presentations on our curriculum programmes, informing students about the strengths and various aspects of the Italian fashion industry, in addition to highlighting future job opportunities. It's also a chance to meet managerial and professional figures from the Institute who can help guide young students towards making responsible and consious choices about their future. Lessons last approximately 60 to 90 minutes and include interactive elements, thanks to audiovisual equipment, and the distribution of informative material about our training programs.

Students, teachers and curriculum advisors who are interested in organising lessons at their respective schools can contact us at any time by writing an e-mail to cinzia.mancuso@secoli.com (Curriculum Supervisor) or by calling us on one of our numbers on our contacts page.

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