Gianmarco Cipolloni

  • Gianmarco Cipolloni

Gianmarco Cipolloni born in 1995, born in the Marche region
concludes the course of studies at the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale. Love for fashion prevails so much that it changes its programs. In Milan, the capital of fashion, she tries to realize her dreams and create her own collection.
He graduated in Fashion Design and Modeling Man at Istituto Secoli, achieving all his goals.

Inspired by Milan and its fast-life, the designer studies the city and subdivides it into three layers: "UNDERGROUND", "STREET" and "SKYLINE".
The designer's desire is to be able to dress all men, aged 25 to 40, without knowing what they have to face during the day. ECLECTIC men, that is, in love with different styles of clothing, with the desire to always be ready in all circumstances.
The refinement of details and particular models, enriched by detachable, reversible, foldable and modular parts, make the collection's garments innovative.
The colors of the collection are linked to the concept of "structured Milan". The darker shades are linked to the lower layer, which are bleached by climbing the various levels. From gray, through green, blue, beige to white
Technical fabrics such as waterproof and windproof nylon, and classics such as wool and cotton, which are combined to create unrepeatable garments giving the opportunity to "eclectic" man to be ready for any occasion.

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