Elena Pasqualin

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  • Elena Pasqualin

Young Italian designer, born in Padova in 1994, Elena Pasqualin, with her capsule collection "PERCEPTION" was one of the seven emerging talents Secoli who participated, as Designer to Watch, in the second edition of FGI - Fashion Graduate Italy.

"PERCEPTION": it is a spring / summer capsule collection 19 inspired by the concept of perception of reality. The idea is that everyone is able to perceive the world around him in a subjective way. What we observe passes through the filter of our emotions, our experiences and changes.

Each dress has a different vision, the feeling of not having to look in one direction. The effect of confusion is created by using prints with contrasting black and white backgrounds. The excess fabric is draped around the body and gives life to abstract shapes and asymmetrical volumes. An important element of this collection are the transparencies made of chiffon and organza, which give the feeling of a veiled covering. The final result seems casual, the dress changes, it is transformed by following the body, it does not force and gives freedom of movement.

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