Graphic design - Kaledo Style Lectra

Graphic design - Kaledo Style Lectra
Course: Short courses
Type: Summer course
Start: 15 July 2019
Location: Milan

  • Duration
    1 week
  • Attendance
  • Total hours
  • Language

Short course during which participants learn how to use the tools offered by Lectra Kaledo Style software in order to create plat drawings, fabric charts, colour options and to design detailed technical sheets, including accessories and stitching instructions, with the aim of improving and expediting the communication of new product ideas.

The course does not have a working aim.

5 days a week (Monday to Friday) with a total of 30 hours per week.

- plat drawing tools
- technical sheet creation
- development of colour options and textures
- final project layout

- college qualification or job qualification
- strong skills and knowledge of the illustration techniques, rendering, flat design, and the ability of design a collection
- good computer skills
- for foreign students: good level of the Italian language (equivalent to level B1 - CEFR)

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